Vehicle Size Limitations

When traveling with a vehicle, the maximum height limit is 13′ and the width limit is 9′.  Up to 12′ wide can sometimes be accommodated, and additional charges will apply. The overall length limit of a double unit is 55′ and of a single unit is 40′.  Longer than 55′ or wider than 9′ vehicles can sometimes be accommodated; contact the IFA Operations Manager with your vehicle specifications for this determination. The vehicle weight limit is 60,000 lbs, and we can only carry one per sailing.

Vehicle Length

Fares for towed vehicles or trailers are calculated at combined connected length of both vehicles.  Vehicles may not be disconnected for travel at separate rates on the same sailing. Vehicles not accurately represented may be denied passage for reserved sailing and rebooked for next available sailing and charged applicable rate. If you have added extensions to your vehicle or are carrying items in your vehicle that make it longer, such as a bike rack or hauling lumber, fares will be assessed on the overall length. The overall length is measured from the furthest extensions and if you have not reserved appropriate vehicle space, you may be denied passage for the reserved sailing and rebooked for the next sailing that can accommodate the length.

Vehicle Lane Assignment

Persons traveling with a vehicle from Ketchikan to Hollis are required to check-in at the Ketchikan Terminal and be issued a lane assignment. This requirement does not apply to travel from Hollis to Ketchikan; you will be issued a lane assignment when you check-in at the drive-up window at the Hollis Terminal.

Vehicle Off-Loading

The IFA does not provide for loading or off loading vehicles. If you are shipping a vehicle without a driver, an Unaccompanied Vehicle Form is required.  If the shipper does not remove a vehicle from the vessel upon arrival, it will remain aboard incurring additional costs, be towed at owner expense, or removed by the IFA and assessed additional charges. The IFA will not be responsible for vehicle damage resulting with tidal ranges affecting the angle of transfer ramps. A certified weight slip showing combined overall weight of tractor, trailer/van and load is required for construction, freight hauling vehicles, and all other commercial vehicles. Any vehicle in an unsafe condition, will be denied boarding. Departure and Arrival times may be affected by weather conditions.