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Alaska's Inter-Island Ferry Authority

Ferry Between Hollis and Ketchikan, Alaska

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Relax and Enjoy the Ferry Ride to Hollis or Ketchikan!

AMHS (Lituya) to cover 2 SAILINGS per WEEK in OCTOBER 2020 for IFA (Stikine)

10/8/2020 Public Announcement:

Thank You to All of You ‘Holding Off’ to Book Your Travel Until Those With Critical Transportation Needs Were Met!

Booking is now OPEN to Everyone!!               

The phone calls have slowed down a bit and it looks like everyone with critical transportation needs has contacted us to reschedule their travel needs! Booking is now OPEN to ALL persons wanting to travel between Ketchikan & Hollis ports during October and enjoy the 3 hour ferry ride on the M/V Lituya!

We have space for WALK-ON PASSENGERS on all October Lituya Sail Days, and we still have space for VEHICLES on quite a few sailings! Call 866-308-4848 or go to book your trip; for your convenience, Online Booking is now available for Lituya sailings as well!

Thank You again to AMHS (M/V Lituya) for covering 2 SAILINGS per WEEK in OCTOBER 2020 for IFA (M/V Stikine)!

LITUYA SCHEDULE OCTOBER 2020 (IFA Stikine to resume sailing tentatively November 1, 2020)



DEPART KTN 10:45AM & arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM & arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM & arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM  & arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM &  arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM &  arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm



DEPART KTN 10:45AM &  arrive HYL 1:45pm

DEPART HYL 2:45PM & arrive KTN 5:45pm


AMHS Passenger Screening Form & Face Covering Requirements:

The Alaska Marine Highway (AMHS) M/V LITUYA will cover some sailings in October 2020 while the M/V STIKINE undergoes mechanical repairs. In an effort to continue to keep passengers & crews safe, you will be required to complete the AMHS Passenger Screening Form COVID-19 Protocol before allowed to board their vessel. AMHS also requires that all passengers (and crew) over 2 years old wear a face covering while on vessel unless you are in your vehicle or in a designated eating or smoking area.



10/1/2020 Public Announcement:

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority vessel M/V Stikine will undergo propulsion system repairs during the month of October 2020.  Consequently, all IFA sailings are cancelled until November 1, 2020. If you had a reservation to travel with the IFA during the month of October, we had to cancel your reservations. If you have already paid, you can get a refund or leave it as an Open Credit to be used later.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Alaska Marine Highway system has agreed to add sailings to provide transportation between Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan. The M/V Lituya will be providing 2 sailings per week. The Lituya’s vehicle capacity is roughly 35% less than the Stikine and passenger capacity is roughly 25% less. The reduced capacities and reduced number of sailings per week equates into less transit opportunities.  If you are able to reschedule your travel for after October 31, 2020, it will allow the IFA to make sure that all critical transportation needs are met.

We will begin taking reservations for the temporary Lituya schedule starting Saturday morning, October 3, 2020 at 7am. It will be a first ‘call’ first served basis.   There are simply too many people booked throughout the month of October to try to develop a priority list. Thank you for your patience! 


Press Release: Ferry Service Interrupted


Contact: Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority: (907) 401-3564 [email protected]

Inter-Island Ferry Authority Service Interruption due to mechanical failure.

Hollis, Alaska –

On September 27th, and again on September 30th, the Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA) suffered a propulsion system failure on the starboard side of the M/V Stikine.  The M/V Stikine will be placed into inactive status until parts and technicians to make the necessary repairs can be secured.  The M/V Prince of Wales is already inactive and awaiting repairs. The delay in repairs to the Prince of Wales is due to scheduling issues and the complexities of funding.

We anticipate the M/V Stikine will return to service on November 1st and the M/V Prince of Wales to return to service by the end of the year.  We realize that this is a major inconvenience to our customers and supply chain partners.  We are working diligently on identifying solutions for our customers during this difficult time.

Press Release: Passenger Wellness Screening Form


Contact: Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority: (907) 401-3564 [email protected]

IFA to add additional safety protocol

Hollis, Alaska – The IFA has implemented CDC and DHSS precautions to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission on its vessels and at its terminals. In an effort to continue to keep our passengers & crews safe, beginning July 15th, 2020 the Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA) will require passengers to complete a Passenger Wellness Screening Form before allowed to board our vessel.

The form has a series of questions that outline the IFA’s current conditions of service:

  • Questions 1-5 address if you are Covid-19 positive or have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19; you will not be allowed to travel under these circumstances.
  • Questions 6 & 7 identify passengers that either have results pending for a COVID-19 test or are in transit to a quarantine location; passengers with these circumstances will be allowed to travel but will be required to wear face covering, practice social distancing and limit social interaction.

The IFA’s top priority is to keep customers, employees and the community safe, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our protocols.

Ride with Us Aboard the Inter-Island Ferry!

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority offers year-round passenger and vehicle service between our Ketchikan and Hollis, Alaska ports.

The round trip originates from Hollis each morning at 8 a.m. and leaves Ketchikan at 3:30 p.m. each afternoon. The one-way ferry ride is 36 miles long and the run time of each sailing is three hours.

We sail every day except Tuesdays through December 31, 2020. Tentatively beginning January 2, 2021 we sail 7 days a week! We do not sail on New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Ketchikan is located on Revillagigedo Island, and Hollis is located on Prince of Wales Island.

Hollis connects to all major towns on the island by road, and Ketchikan is Alaska’s southern-most city in Southeastern Alaska.

For your comfort, the M/V Stikine and M/V Prince of Wales have an observation lounge, reading room, café, children’s play area and solarium.

Traveling to Alaska?

Go to the link for State of Alaska Dept of Health & Social Services so you know what you need to do!

Please note that the KETCHIKAN TERMINAL is closed to the public so there is no waiting area for travelers. 

If you or someone you  know will be traveling with us, please have other arrangements in place for waiting until boarding begins.

You can check-in and pick up your tickets at the Terminal on your sail day, and you can call us seven days a week at 866-308-4848 for more information or to book your reservations!

One of the Top 5 Things to Do on Prince of Wales Island

Alaska's Inter-Island Ferry Authority

It may not be as quick as flying but it is restful. Just sit back and enjoy the view, walk in fresh air, have a nap. It is typically quiet, good snacks (I've not tried a full meal). I usually enjoy the trip so much that I almost regret arriving!

– Cynthia W., TripAdvisor
Alaska's Inter-Island Ferry Authority
Great way to get to Prince of Wales

Love traveling to Ketchikan this way or back to Prince of Wales. The staff is professional and courteous! And the gallery is the the best! Nothing like a big meal to start or finish the day then go up front to take a nap! Keep it up!

– Jan T., TripAdvisor
Alaska's Inter-Island Ferry Authority
Superb experience

Very nice views from the forward lounge. The crew were professional, clean cut, and knew their jobs. Multiple play areas on board for kids. Bathrooms were clean and well-maintained. Food from the snack bar was good and reasonably priced for Alaska.

– Craig L., TripAdvisor
Alaska's Inter-Island Ferry Authority
Comfortable, reliable transportation

As a resident of Prince of Wales Island, I rely on the Inter-Island Ferry for transportation to and from Ketchikan. At certain times of the year - it's the only thing going. The staff and crew are nice people who do their best to make your journey comfortable and safe.

– B.J. P., TripAdvisor