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Public Announcements & Special Fares

IFA Requires Proper Face Covering

Contact: Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority: (907) 401-3564 [email protected]

IFA Requires all Travelers to Wear Masks

Hollis, Alaska – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an Order Under Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act requiring persons to wear proper face coverings when using public transportation systems to help reduce the introduction, transmission and spread of COVID-19.  The Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA) is mandated to require persons 2 years and older to wear proper face coverings when inside our terminals and when traveling on our vessels (except when on outside decks.) To the extent possible, the IFA will accommodate a passenger who is unable to follow this Order due to a disability or medical condition. We appreciate your cooperation with the IFA complying with the provisions of this Order.


Additionally, the IFA would like to inform you that regardless of your vaccination status facemasks are still required by Federal law in all enclosed areas of a public ferry and transportation terminal.  Please see terminal agent or crew member if you have questions.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Fare Changes Beginning July 15, 2021

Contact: Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority: (907) 401-3564 [email protected]

IFA Management and Board of Directors will be making some changes to IFA fare structure.  This is the first change to the fare structure since 2014.  These changes accomplish many things.  First, it will bring adult, child and vehicle fares for walk-ups, phone and email reservations in line with online booking rates, essentially a 6% increase.  Secondly, we will be reducing the senior rate in respect to our elders and because we eliminated the senior vehicle discount.  These fares will be in effect beginning July 15, 2021.  All paid bookings made prior to this date will be honored at the old rates. 


IFA By The Numbers Press Release!

Inter-Island Ferry Generates Nearly $50 Million in Economic Activity 2019

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA)—a public ferry system providing daily service between Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan—released a study today showing that the ferry system was responsible for $46.4 million in economic activity in southern Southeast Alaska last year. The 12-page publication, compiled by Rain Coast Data, shows that the IFA provides a high rate of return on investment. In 2019, the system generated $70 in economic activity for each dollar of State investment. Economic activity was measured in the five following areas: tourism, seafood, medical access, retail trade, and spending by the IFA – and includes direct and secondary impacts.

To view this publication, click here!

“We are both honored and humbled by the huge impacts that our reliable, daily ferry service has on our economy.  We wanted to be able to share and communicate the value of the role that we play.” explains Ron Curtis General Manager of the Inter-Island Ferry Authority. “This publication concisely describes and calculates the economic and social impacts of IFA ferry service between Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan.”

Some other highlights of the study include the following:

  • Cost Effective Operations: Compared to other public passenger-vehicle ferries, the IFA is run very cost effectively. On average for other systems, farebox revenue covers 59% of operational costs. The IFA has a farebox recovery rate of 79%.
  • Tourism: Visitors coming to Prince of Wales Island on the ferry spend $11 million on the island annually.
  • Seafood: In a typical year, IFA transports two million pounds of high value seafood, with an associated value of $10 million. The business model to move this product depends on the daily, reliable, affordable service the IFA provides.
  • Medical Care: Prince of Wales residents rely on the IFA for affordable access to medical care. Medical trips accounted for at least 12% of all ferry trips last year. These “medical tourists” spend $9 million in Ketchikan hospitals and medical offices each year.
  • Ketchikan Spending: Prince of Wales residents who ride the ferry spend millions of dollars in Ketchikan each year. IFA riders spent $8 million on goods and services in Ketchikan (not counting the millions spent in the health care sector). The IFA itself spent an additional $1 million.
  • Jobs and Earnings: 508 jobs – in tourism, seafood, health care, and transportation – and $19 million in associated workforce earnings on Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan are dependent on the IFA, when the multiple effect is included.
  • Students: In 2019 students from 12 Alaska school districts made 3,100 trips on the IFA. Being able to participate in school activities and sports travel is especially important for rural Alaska students. The system saves school districts approximately $337,000 per year in travel costs.
  • Children and Senior Citizens: By using the ferry, students, senior citizens, and younger children have saved a combined $19.3 million over the price of flying since ferry operations began in 2002.

For questions, contact Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority at (907) 401-3564 or [email protected]

IFA Ferry Schedule 2021

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority has returned to our seven day-a-week sailing schedule! The 7-day per week sailing schedule is good through 2022!! 

Depart Hollis at 8:00am

Arrive Ketchikan at 11:00am

Depart Ketchikan at 3:30pm

Arrive Hollis at 6:30pm


The IFA does not sail on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

President’s Day,

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day



Driver Goes Free January, February & March 2022!

The IFA is once again offering ‘Driver Goes Free’ so book your travel now!!

January through March 31, 2022 driver of a vehicle travels FREE!!

To qualify for Driver Free Discount, vehicle must be driven under its own power, and AMCs (including but not limited to motorcycles, inflatables, kayaks, and 4 or 6 wheelers) do not qualify for the Driver Free Discount.

New Veteran Grant Awarded Starting September 15, 2021

Attention Veteran Transportation Grant Recipients!

Effective September 15, 2021, the IFA is authorized to issue VETERAN PASSENGER ticketing to qualifying Veterans traveling in conjunction with their healthcare needs.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has renewed a transportation grant to the State of Alaska Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, and the State has advised the Inter-Island Ferry Authority that the IFA has been accepted into the Veteran Federal Transportation Grant Program this year!

Present your current Alaska Driver License or ID card with VA endorsement, Armed Forces of the United States ID Card {Retiree}, 100% Disabled American Veteran (DAV) or VA Healthcare Card to qualify for this no-cost to Veterans travel program. Examples of these IDs can be seen on our Facebook page, on the vessel or at either Terminal.

Escorts are required to get prior authorization to travel from Forrest Powell.  Forrest is the Grant Manager and Veterans can contact him at 907-334-0872 or    forrest[email protected].

Travel under this Veteran Affairs Transportation Program applies to the IFA’s daily services between Hollis and Ketchikan, and also between our Metlakatla and Ketchikan route  anytime we cover  the M/V Lituya’s run.

For Additional Information, contact Ron Curtis at 907.401.3564 or email him at    [email protected]

For Reservations call 866-308-4848


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