Vehicles (and its passengers) are to be ticketed and available to board one hour prior to sailing. Passengers (traveling without a vehicle) are to be  ticketed and available to board 30 minutes prior to sailing. Non-compliance may result in loss of reserved space and denied passage for that sailing.

We depart Hollis at 8:00AM, arriving in Ketchikan at 11:00AM, and we depart Ketchikan at 3:30PM, arriving in Hollis at 6:30PM. We do not sail Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and departure and arrival times may be affected by weather conditions. Reservations are required for vehicles and recommended for passengers.

Vehicle Lane Assignment

Persons traveling with a vehicle from Ketchikan to Hollis are required to check-in at the Ketchikan Terminal and be issued a lane assignment. Ticket and Itinerary can be printed by customer but the lane assignment must be issued by Terminal Agent. This requirement does not apply to travel from Hollis to Ketchikan; you will be issued a lane assignment when you check-in at the drive-up window at the Hollis Terminal.

ID Requirements

A Valid Government Issued picture ID is required for all passengers. Children under the age of 18 accompanied by an adult presenting a valid ID are not required to provide ID. Unaccompanied Minors require a form signed by a parent or guardian. with a valid ID.

Unaccompanied Minors

Passengers must be at least 12 years of age to travel without an adult. Passengers 12 to 15 years of age, traveling alone, must have a parent or guardian complete an Unaccompanied Minor Form.

Passenger Conduct

The IFA reserves the right to refuse passage to any person apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any person whose conduct would be considered dangerous or objectionable to other passengers. Alcohol and illegal drugs may not be consumed, or used, aboard IFA vessels. Any persons who attempt to gain passage in a fraudulent manner will be denied boarding. Those violating these policies may be subject to prosecution and may result in denial of future IFA travel.


Walk-on passengers with firearms are required to check them with the uniformed crew member. Firearms must be unloaded with ammunition stored separately. Unloaded firearms may be securely locked in a passenger’s vehicle.

Hazardous Materials

Explosives or highly flammable materials and other corrosives may not be transported on IFA vessels, contact an IFA Agent or Crew Member if you have questions. It is permitted to take up to 30 gallons of gas and up to 55 gallons of diesel or bar oil in addition to what is held in the vehicle tank.  It is also permitted to take a ‘reasonable’ amount of helium, 10 gallons of propane and 11 lbs of fireworks if in original packaging per vehicle.

Hand Luggage

Walk-on passengers may bring hand luggage, with weight not to exceed 100 pounds per person. For security reasons, only items in the care and custody of a passenger will be accepted. Passengers are responsible for the handling and the safety of their luggage, including placing it on and off IFA luggage carts. There is no weight limit on luggage in a vehicle. Unaccompanied luggage is not permitted and will be confiscated. All luggage and vehicles may be subject to security search.

Vehicle Deck

Passengers are not allowed on the vehicle deck while vessels are underway unless accompanied by an IFA Employee.

Traveling with Animals

It is the policy of the IFA that pets must remain on the car deck and stay in a vehicle or suitable, owner provided, pet carrier for the duration of the voyage. Due to Coast Guard regulations, passengers are not allowed on the car deck while the ship is underway.  Pets traveling on IFA vessels should be able to be left unattended for the duration of the voyage.

Pets are not allowed on the passenger deck under any circumstance.  Service animals are allowed on the passenger deck in accordance with IFA Service Animal policy.  If you are traveling with a Service Animal, prior notification is required so that the crew can be prepared to accommodate the passenger and animal. Please contact IFA reservations at 866-308-4848 for additional information on traveling with a service animal.