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Job Title: On-Call Relief Crew Member

Location: Hollis/POW

Pay Range: $18.38

Immediate Supervisors: Master/Mate, Operations Manager

Combination of Shoreside and Vessel

Must be available to work all days of the week on short notice. 

Relief Deckhand shifts are 6:30 AM – 6:15 PM & Relief Night Watch shifts are 6:15 PM to 6:30 AM



Summary: This position covers for two different job positions. 

On-Call Relief Deckhand will be responsible for: the primary enforcement of security in port and while the vessel is underway, the safety and satisfaction of passengers onboard IFA vessels while in port and while underway, maintaining cabin and main deck area in a safe and clean manner, emergency response as directed by Mate or Master, and standard line handling and watch duties.

On-Call Relief Nightwatch will provide security watch over entire vessel, maintain IFA vessel security plan, tend lines, clean vessel, and maintain safe conditions in all passenger and other IFA related traffic, including access ramps and all areas surrounding terminal.

As leaders in the Marine Transportation Industry, IFA employees are responsible to instill an atmosphere with passengers that riding the ferry is a pleasure and not just a need. To that end, every IFA employee is responsible for overall passenger safety and satisfaction. All necessary steps must be taken to correct conditions or to report conditions that could endanger passenger safety or satisfaction in any manner on and off the vessels. This includes IFA vessels, vehicles, access ramps, offices, terminals and terminal grounds.

Pre-employment drug screens as well as random drug testing are a requirement to all DOT personnel with safety sensitive security duties.


a couple of people that are standing in front of a window



  • Enforcement of Vessel Security Plan (VSP) including: security screening for passengers and vehicles, conducting security screening for passengers and vehicles, conducting security patrols and detecting, deterring and reporting any security threats, breaches and incidents to Master or Mate
  • Front line crew member for customer service including: assisting passengers with boarding and disembarking the vessel, answering questions, gaining access to medical room, minor dispute resolution, and assisting with luggage as requested
  • Participate in all drills and trainings
  • Perform tasks necessary to keep vessel clean, safe and in good order including but not limited to: washing vessel windows (inside and outside), clean and supply restrooms, clean dayrooms, storage areas, gear lockers, car deck and passenger cabins, empty trash receptacles, and replace liners
  • Assist with vessel line handling during arrival and departure from dock, which includes lifting/pulling up to 70 pounds of weight in various weather conditions without assistance or supervision
  • assist with maintenance of safety and other related deck equipment as assigned by Mate, including line repair and splicing
  • Fulfills other duties as assigned by Master or the Mate
  • Removing snow and other debris from walkways surrounding terminals
  • Salting walkways and all IFA related foot traffic areas

Night Watch 

  • Maintain no visitor policy during night watch, unless they are IFA employees or contracted staff
  • Make sure all aprons, gangways, hatches, and doors are secure from non-employee entry. Making frequent rounds to all spaces of the vessel to maintain security checks, machinery checks, bilge level checks, or anything out of the ordinary
  • Keep watch on all mooring lines for chaffing, tension, slack and wraps on bollards and cleats
  • Clean vessel as directed, including, but not limited to: decks, windows, restrooms, tables, settees, chairs, store rooms, lockers, counters, desks, walls and stairwells. Make sure all floors are clean and dry before passengers board to prevent slip and fall hazards. Vessel must be clean before morning run
  • Removing snow and other debris from walkways surrounding the terminal
  • Salt walkways and all IFA related foot traffic areas
  • Clean grounds keeping equipment after use and store properly. Maintain storage areas
  • Notify Terminal Manager when supplies are running low
  • Call Operations Manager if a serious problem exists or may arise and assistance is needed
  • Assist the Operations Manager with any maintenance duties during night watch, including, but not limited to: stocking, inventory, maintenance and/or repairs to machinery and auxiliary equipment
  • Other duties as assigned by Operations Manager



  • Knowledge of vessel security procedures as they apply to this position
  • Knowledge of maintenance procedures for vehicle/passenger deck and passenger cabin
  • Knowledge of IFA firefighting, MOB and abandon ship procedures
  • Knowledge of the location, function and operation of all normal and emergency equipment in the deck department
  • Knowledge of appropriate use of personal protection and safety equipment (ear plugs, safety glasses, etc.)
  • General knowledge of nautical terms, commands and signals; principal knots, splices and hitches
  • Ability to interact with customers, and fellow employees in a professional and courteous manner
  • Ability to use hand and power tools for cleaning and general maintenance;
  • Ability to clear away, lower, and handle life rafts, MEC and rescue boat under oars or motor
  • Ability to communicate effectively, in English, both written and oral;
  • Ability to climb and work on rigging and masts for such repairs as replacing navigation bulbs
  • Ability to lift and feed lines weighing up to 70lbs
  • Ability to comprehend instructions and perform job duties under time constraints and in emergency situations
  • Ability to work long hours, frequently in harsh weather conditions

Night Watch 

  • Thorough knowledge of all cleaning procedures, supplies, and tools (both electrical and hand), know all cleaning agents being used, and protective clothing required
  • Must understand mooring and line handling, knots, rigging, winches, capstans, and related deck gear; ability to move quickly and understand nautical terms related to mooring and lines
  • Knowledge of vessel security procedures and emergency contact procedures
  • General knowledge of machinery spaces and ability to recognize a problem if one exists; knowledge of problem escalation procedures
  • Knowledge of lighting and electrical outlets throughout the vessel
  • Ability to recognize unsafe ground conditions and determine best method to correct
  • Must be able to understand, speak and write in English
  • Must be self motivated and have the ability to work efficiently and effectively with minimum supervision


The top deck of the Stikine and smokestack with the letters IFA sails along with a rainbow in the background with the boats wake.

Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC) within 30 days of Hire

Current First Aid/CPR Certificate

Valid Alaska Drivers License


All IFA Vessel Crew Members must be well groomed and are required to wear IFA uniform at all times while the loading and unloading of the vessel and while the vessel is underway. IFA Uniform consists of black pants and IFA shirt, vest or jacket, and hat (optional). Uniforms must be neat and clean, and worn in a professional manner that clearly indicates IFA Crew Member.


As an On-Call position benefits are limited. Once the eligibility requirements have been met, On-Call Crew may receive IFA Travel Benefits.

Deckhand Shifts are overtime exempt positions for 12 hours at a base rate of pay.

Night Watch Shifts are 8 hours of regular pay and 4 hours of overtime.