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Job Title: Nightwatch

Location: Hollis/POW

Pay Range: $20.00

Immediate Supervisors: Master

Responsible for the security, safety, and cleaning of IFA vessels and terminal facilities while the vessel is in port overnight. 

4 Day on/4 Day off – 12-hour shifts (overtime non-exempt)



Nightwatch requires a 12-hour shift and is based in Hollis, Alaska. Shifts are from 6:15 pm to 6:15 am. Duties include vessel security; line handling; emergency response; vessel cleaning; some heavy equipment operation; other duties as assigned.

As leaders in the Marine Transportation Industry, IFA employees are responsible to instill an atmosphere in passengers that riding the ferry is a pleasure and not just a need. To that end, every IFA employee is responsible for overall passenger safety and satisfaction. All necessary steps must be taken to correct conditions or to report conditions that could endanger passenger safety or satisfaction in any manner on and off the vessels. This includes IFA vessels, vehicles, access ramps, offices, terminals, and terminal grounds.

Pre-employment drug screens as well as random drug testing are a requirement for all DOT personnel with safety-sensitive security duties.


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  • Provide security watch over the vessel and terminal facility in compliance with both the Vessel and Facility Security Plans during night watch hours and also maintain the No Visitor Policy
  • Maintaining a vigilant watch over the safety of the vessel by conducting frequent rounds in spaces where flooding, fire or other situations could be detrimental to the vessel
  • Tend and adjust mooring lines as needed and monitor the transfer bridge and apron for tidal changes and weather conditions
  • Clean and sanitize all passenger and crew areas to include but not limited to: vessel windows, vessel restrooms, sweep and mop and vacuum all foot traffic areas and ensure they are maintained in a safe and orderly condition
  • Maintain safe conditions in all areas that passenger and crew related traffic occurs including transfer bridge, access ramps, vessel interior and exterior decks and areas surrounding the terminal as needed throughout the night watch hours
  • Remove snow and other debris from vessel decks, transfer bridge, vehicle and baggage cart staging areas and walkways surrounding the terminal facility
  • Salt walkways and all IFA related foot traffic areas
  • Grounds keeping and snow removal equipment should be cleaned and stowed properly after use. Keep storage areas clean and orderly
  • Assist the Operations Manager, Chief Engineer or Master with any maintenance duties during night watch including but not limited to: maintenance and/or repairs to machinery and auxiliary equipment, stocking supplies, weekly inventory reporting and any other duties he or she may need help with
  • Report any safety, security, equipment or machinery issues or discrepancies to the Master or Operations Manager in a timely manner
  • Other duties as assigned by the Master or Operations Manager



  • Knowledge of vessel security procedures and emergency contact procedures
  • Understand mooring line handling including knots, rigging, winches, capstans, and related deck machinery
  • General knowledge of vessel arrangement and ability to recognize potential situations that could be detrimental (fire, flooding, etc.) to the vessel
  • Knowledge and understanding of all cleaning procedures, supplies, and tools (both electrical and hand). Understanding of all cleaning agents being used and what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required
  • Knowledge of lighting and electrical outlets throughout the vessel
  • Ability to recognize unsafe ground conditions surrounding the terminal facility and determine best method to correct them
  • Ability to function effectively under time constraints and in emergency situations
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Must be self-motivated, work well independently, lift up to 70lbs, work in inclement weather with minimal supervision


Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC) is Required within 30 Days of Hire

Valid State Issued Drivers License

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All IFA employees must be well groomed  and dress in a manner that presents a professional image

Brad’s Crew


This is a full-time hourly position with full benefits. The benefits package includes vacation, sick, and holiday pay, health and life insurance, PERS retirement program, IFA travel benefits, SBS, and optional supplemental life and disability insurance.