Hydaburg Information

Hydaburg is 32 miles from the Hollis terminal and has a population of approximately 400. Populated in the 1700s by the Haida people, Hydaburg’s community relies on their culture and still continues a close relationship to the land and sea.

With the largest Haida population in the country, Hydaburg has a grocery store, airplane float, boat harbor, church, US Post Office and a school. A totem park was built during the 1930s and the community has been restoring and replacing totems continually ever since. Totem raising is a very festive occasion and is a wonderful event to witness or take part in. Hydaburg has many traditional Haida artists, carvers and weavers. For more information, email the City of Hydaburg Clerk or contact the Hydaburg Cooperative Association at 907-285–3666.