Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick up my tickets?

Passengers traveling from HOLLIS or KETCHIKAN, pickup your tickets at the Terminal then proceed to loading area. Vehicles traveling from HOLLIS, pull up to the Drive-Up window for ticket processing then proceed to loading area. Vehicles traveling from KETCHIKAN, pickup your tickets (and lane assignment) at the Terminal then proceed to loading area.

Can I call to make a reservation or to get more information?

Yes, and the Toll Free phone number to reach one of our friendly Agents is 866-308-4848. 

Is there food available to purchase on the ferry?

Yes. The IFA contracts out the galley space, and “OUR T.E.A.M.” serves delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

What is the ferry schedule?

We depart daily from Hollis at 8:00am and depart daily from Ketchikan at 3:30pm, and the ferry ride is 3 hours long. We do not sail Thanksgiving or Christmas, and sailings times may be affected by weather conditions.

Can I bring firearms on the ferry? 

Yes. Walk-on passengers must check the unloaded firearm in with a uniformed crew member; ammunition must be stored separately. Unloaded firearms may be securely locked in your vehicle.
Can I bring my pet on the ferry?
Yes. Animals must remain on the vehicle deck in owner provided carrier or in owner’s vehicle. No additional fees or paperwork are needed to travel on our ferry.

Is the IFA part of the Alaska Marine Highway?
No. The Inter-Island Ferry Authority is a public, non-profit Corporation, organized under Alaska’s Municipal Port Authority Act and governed by a Board of Directors. One director is appointed from each of the following communities: Craig, Klawock, Hydaburg, Thorne Bay, Coffman Cove, Wrangell and one “At-Large.”
Are there connecting transportation services from Ketchikan or Hollis? 
Yes. In Ketchikan there are regularly scheduled Gateway Borough buses which travel north to WalMart and the Ward Cove industrial site area, and south from downtown Ketchikan to Saxman Village and the Fawn Mountain School. Ketchikan has many taxi operators and vehicle rental companies listed in the local phone directory. Some Ketchikan hotels offer free shuttle service. There are cab/shuttle services on Prince of Wales Island for transportation to and from the IFA Terminal in Hollis, call 907-401-1515 for rates and reservations.
Is there a Toll-Free number for reservations? 
Yes. Call 866-308-4848 for reservations and information 7 days a week 8:00 AM through 7:00 PM Alaska time.
Do I need to make a reservation for the ferry?
Yes. To help ensure there is space available and to speed up the check-in process, the IFA recommends making reservations.
If I purchase an OPEN TICKET, how long is it valid?
Open Credits are valid for one year from the purchase date, and you must provide your Booking Number and who paid when using your open credit. If you don’t have this information, you must request a search be done by an IFA Ticket Agent to find your credit at least 2 days prior to travel.
If I cancel, creating an OPEN CREDIT, how long do I have to use the credit? 
You have one year from the first day of travel of the original reservation date. You must provide your Booking Number and who paid when using your open credit. If you don’t have this information, you must request a search be done by an IFA Ticket Agent to find your credit at least 2 days prior to travel.
Can I receive a refund for my paid reservation if I decide not to travel?
Yes. There is no f
ee for refunds. Depending on the method of payment, an agent can advise you how it will be refunded. (Refunded back to the original credit card used, or a check mailed to you from the accounting department)
Are there terminals or other places to purchase tickets ahead of travel?
Yes. The IFA has a Check-in counter located in the lobby of the Alaska Marine Highway Terminal in Ketchikan, and the IFA has a Terminal in Hollis on Prince of Wales Island. You can also book Online, and there is a 6% online convenience fee for reservations booked Online.
How big are the vessels?
The sister ships, the MV Stikine and the MV Prince of Wales, are 95 gross tons, 198′ in length and 51′ in breadth. They both have bow thrusters and twin 1500 horse power diesels. Their surface speed is 15 knots. The MV Prince of Wales has a capacity of 160 passengers and up to 30 vehicles, and the MV Stikine has a capacity of 190 passengers and up to 30 vehicles.
What are the limitations of my vehicle?
The vehicle height limit is 13′, and the overall length limit of a double unit is 55′ and of a single unit is 40′.  Longer vehicles can sometimes be accomodated by contacting the IFA Operations Manager and providing additional information. The width limit is 9′ but up to 12′ wide can sometimes be accommodated by calling the IFA Operations Manager; additional charges will apply. The vehicle weight limit is 60,000 lbs, and we can only carry one per sailing. Fares for towed vehicles or trailers are calculated at combined connected length of both vehicles.  Vehicles may not be disconnected for travel at separate rates on the same sailing.
Are pets or service animals allowed on the passenger deck?
Click here to see our pet policy.

What is the IFA Complaint/Comment Resolution Procedure?
The General Manager is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about IFA’s operations or employees. Please Click Here for more information.
Is there a fee for fish boxes or coolers?
There is a $10.00 charge for each fish box or fish cooler transported on IFA vessel traveling from HOLLIS to KETCHIKAN. The first fish box or fish cooler is FREE and each one after is $10.00. Fish boxes/coolers, like all other luggage, must be accompanied by a passenger.
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