Please Be Advised,  recent ridership trends have allowed the IFA to reduce service to 4 days a week yet still accommodate the Essential/Critical Travel requirements of people and businesses within the State. We will sail Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday through April 2020. We will depart at our usual times; we’ll depart Hollis at 8:00am and depart Ketchikan at 3:30pm. Terminals will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday but Agents are available by phone at 866-308-4848 or by Email seven days a week.


In these unprecedented times, the IFA is taking a proactive approach to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by trying to balance the Essential/Critical Travel needs of Communities with the State’s Mandates and Alerts. We are adhering to 6′ social distancing, using CDC recommended disinfecting procedures and requiring that only those with Essential/Critical Travel needs sail with us. 


In order to adhere to the Social Distancing Mandate #011 on board the vessel, we have capped our passenger capacity to 40 people. This reduced capacity means that passenger space is limited so please make your reservations in advance and arrive early to ensure your space on-board. Our Employees are using proven sanitation measures before, during and after each sailing and throughout their shifts on vessel or in terminals to avoid introducing new COVID-19 cases and to slow the spread of the virus in the State. Per Mandate #012, all in-state travel between Communities whether resident, worker, or visitor, is prohibited unless travel is to support Essential/Critical Infrastructure or for Essential/Critical Personal needs.


The IFA’s top priority is the health and safety of anyone boarding our vessels and entering our terminals as the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to impact all of us. Your cooperation in following Crew and Agent directions at all times is greatly appreciated. Please check-in early to allow for these additional check-in measures. Be safe, travel smart!



HEALTH MANDATE #012  –  Intrastate Travel

Attachment A & Attachment B

HEALTH MANDATE #011  –  Social Distancing

HEALTH MANDATE #010  –  International & Interstate Travel Order for Self Quarantine

HEALTH ALERT #010  –  Recommend Use of Cloth Face Coverings 

HEALTH MANDATE #009  –  Personal Care Services & Gatherings Suspended Update

HEALTH ALERT #009   –  Non-Essential Travel Suspended 

HEALTH MANDATE #008   –  Public & Private School Closure

HEALTH MANDATE #007   –  Fairbanks & Ketchikan Personal Care Services & Gatherings Suspended

HEALTH MANDATE #006   –  Elective Oral Care Services Postponed

HEALTH MANDATE #005   –  Non-Urgent Medical Care Postponed

HEALTH MANDATE #004   –  Travel Risk Group Protocol

HEALTH MANDATE #003   –  Food & Drink Establishment Closure

HEALTH MANDATE #002   –  Libraries, Museums & Public Facility Closure

HEALTH MANDATE #001   –   Visitation in State Institutions Suspended & Limited


  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: We have reduced sailings to running Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday through April 2020. Terminals will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday but Agents are available by phone at 866-308-4848 or by Email seven days a week.


  • FOOD SERVICE UPDATES: Although Galley food service is still available at this time, they do have a limited menu. They will serve only ‘take-out hand foods’ like hot dogs, sandwiches and drinks.  They will not serve to tables, numbers will be called at the Galley Window…..Pick-up & Take-out style.  


  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO STAY INFORMED: You can stay up-to-date on IFA schedule and information by visiting us here, or for more wide-reaching updates visit the links below. 


  • For updated information or to view State of Alaska COVID-19 Health Alerts & Mandates Click Here
  • For updated information from Center for Disease Control & Prevention Click Here
  • For updated information from World Health Organization Click Here.