Klawock, Alaska

Klawock is 25 miles from the Hollis terminal and has a population of about 850. Klawock’s name comes from Kloo-wah, a Tlingit Native from Moira Sound. Kloo-wah’s clan used Klawock for a summer fish camp and later moved there permanently.

Klawock was home to the first cannery in Alaska, built by a San Francisco company in 1878. A hatchery for red salmon was constructed at Klawock Lake in 1897 and the Prince of Wales Hatchery still operates on the river today. Near the Viking Lumber sawmill, Native corporations built a sort yard for exporting timber.

The Klawock Totem Park has over 20 restored totem poles and seven new poles, and you can find locals carving most days at the Heritage Center and longhouse. Klawock has the island’s only airstrip, along with a small boat harbor, a boat launch, stores, gas stations and a school. Learn more at www.cityofklawock.com.