Title VI Non-Discrimination

Americans with Disabilities & Senior Citizen Travel Policies

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority is committed to providing safe, reliable, pleasant and accessible travel for all passengers regardless of age or disability pursuant to 49 CFR Part 39. The information contained herein is provided as a reference for passengers with disabilities, senior citizens, advocates and service agencies.

Reduced Fares

  • Passengers with disabilities may qualify for a 50 percent discount on adult passenger fares. To qualify for this discount the passenger must submit a letter on physician letterhead and signed by their physician, stating a permanent condition of disability at 75 percent or greater. Veterans must submit a document from the Dept. of Veteran Affairs stating a condition of permanent disability at 75% or greater. Those passengers requiring attendant care (escort) must also have their physician attest to this necessity in the letter. Upon receipt and approval of this documentation the attendant may also qualify for the 50 percent fare discount. Disability discounts do not apply vehicle fares. For additional information please contact Reservations at 866-308-4848.
  • Senior citizens are eligible for a reduced rate passenger fare and a 10 percent discount on vehicle fares. Passenger must be 65 years or older to qualify for senior citizen discount. The Senior Citizen Discount will apply in addition to promotional “driver goes free” discounts.
  • Disability and senior citizen discounts cannot be combined unless otherwise stated.
  • Ticket sellers may not ask if you are eligible for any discount so please make them aware that you are requesting a senior citizen or passenger with disability discount. Please have proper identification available at the time of boarding.

Arriving at or Departing from the Ferry Terminal

Information regarding transportation services for elderly or passengers with disabilities to and from IFA ferry terminals is available at any IFA terminal, the IFA main office and on board the vessel.

Please arrive at least one hour prior to departure if ancillary services are required to board the ferry. Be prepared to disembark at least 15 minutes after ferry arrival if services are required.

Boarding and Disembarking the Ferry

If possible we request that you notify us on the day before the sailing that you will require assistance with baggage, boarding or disembarking the ferry. IFA crew members have vital, time sensitive functions they must perform during the loading and unloading process and if we know your needs ahead of time we can ensure someone is available to assist you when you arrive.

The IFA has a wheelchair accessible van to assist passengers in boarding and disembarking the ferry. Please arrive at least one hour early to board the ferry and be prepared to disembark approximately 15 minutes after the ferry arrives at its destination. The van will transport you to and from the ferry before and after all vehicles are gone from the car deck. There is no additional charge for this service.

IFA also has wheelchairs available for passenger use in boarding, disembarking and during the course of your voyage on the ferry.

During the Voyage

IFA vessels are built to meet all ADA requirements. Each ferry is equipped with an elevator to transport passengers to the main deck. On the main deck all hallways, lounges and the galley are wheelchair accessible. A restroom meeting all ADA requirements is also available.

Passengers are permitted to bring their private wheelchairs and other mobility devices (walkers, etc.) on board and may move about the main deck throughout the voyage. Passengers are advised that IFA ferries often travel in rough sea conditions and during these periods all passengers should remain seated for their maximum comfort and protection. Vessel crew members are available to assist elderly and passengers with disabilities in whatever they can throughout the voyage, as time and safety allow.

Designated seating is available in the galley for passengers in wheelchairs that wish to eat during the voyage. Passengers using this seating are required to follow all vessel rules and regulations regarding galley seating.

IFA vessels are also equipped with a “Quiet Room”. The Quiet Room can accommodate two persons and is available for sick or injured passengers or passengers that may have a medical condition that requires the need of a quiet, private place during the voyage. Passengers must request use of the quiet room prior to boarding the ferry and must be prepared to share the room with another passenger. All requests to use the Quiet Room during a voyage are approved on a first come, space available basis by the Captain.

Service Animal Policy (Summary)

The Inter-island Ferry Authority will operate its vessels so that they are readily accessible and usable for individuals with disabilities who require the use of Service Animals. Individuals who need a service animal will not be charged extra fees, be isolated from the rest of the passengers, or be treated less favorably in any way. The following general rules apply to use of Service Animals on IFA vessels:

  • The service animal must be on a leash at all times.
  • Care and supervision of the service animal is the sole responsibility of its partner/handler.
  • The partner/handler is responsible for ensuring the animal does not soil furniture, floor,carpeting, etcetera, to the extent that the IFA would charge others for similar damage they caused.
  • Animals that may pose a threat to other passengers should be muzzled or may not be allowed on board the vessel.

It is the responsibility of the Captain of the vessel to determine if an animal qualifies as a Service Animal and to make all necessary arrangements for the safe and comfortable passage for the partner/handler and their Service Animal while they travel with IFA.

Passengers requiring the use of a Service Animal during a voyage need to arrive at the IFA terminal at least one hour prior to departure.

Learn more about the IFA Service Animal Policy.

Safety Onboard IFA Vessels

Verbal announcements of safety procedures are given at the beginning of every voyage. Written safety procedures are posted throughout the IFA vessels. In the event of a safety drill or vessel emergency elderly and passengers with disabilities may be required to muster in one location to facilitate adequate assistance.

IFA Terminal Accessability

IFA terminals and terminal restrooms are wheelchair accessible. IFA terminal agents are dedicated to efficient and accessible ticketing process.

Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled may contact IFA by calling Alaska Relay toll free toll free (866)-338-0035 TTY, (907)-338-0035 TTY or (800)-697-5056 Voice.

IFA reservation agents are trained to inquire about any services passengers might require to board or disembark the ferry at the time reservations are made. If you require services please remind us of this necessity when you confirm your reservation.

A copy of the 49 CFR Part 39, Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities: Passenger Vessels is available on board each IFA vessel and at IFA terminals and main office.

Accommodations for all passengers are made on a first come, space available basis.

Complaint Resolution

The Captain is the Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) on the vessel and the Terminal Manager is the CRO for the terminals.  IFA vessel crew and terminal personnel will make every effort to resolve complaints or concerns regarding discrimination, disability policies or services to the satisfaction of the passenger. If immediate resolution is not possible, the crew or terminal personnel will provide the passenger with information necessary to reach the CRO. The CRO has 10 calendar days to provide a statement to the complainant, in person if possible. If the complainant is still dissatisfied the CRO will provide the passenger with complete details of presenting a written complaint to the IFA.


It is the Inter-Island Ferry Authority’s policy that we do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, family status or ability to speak English. Any inquiries or complaints regarding Title VI or ADA may be submitted in writing to Ronald Curtis, IFA General Manager, Inter-Island Ferry Authority, PO Box 495, Craig, AK 99921 or by emailing  [email protected]
Click Here for information regarding the Title VI and ADA complaint process, and
Click Here for the Title VI and ADA complaint form. 
All Title VI and ADA information can be translated into other languages upon request by contacting  [email protected]        

Reasonable Modification

Passengers with disabilities may request modifications to IFA policies, practices, or procedures to access our services. To make a request, please contact the Main Office at 907-826-4848 or the Hollis or Ketchikan Terminal at 866-308-4848.

Additional Information

If you have a disability and require additional accommodation, please contact us. We recommend that you contact us at least the day before traveling.

IFA Contact Information For Reservations, Information or To Request ADA or Senior Citizen Services:

Main Office PO Box 495 Craig, AK 99921 call 907-826-4848

Hollis Terminal or Ketchikan Terminal call Toll Free 866-308-4848