Safety Briefing

Welcome aboard the motor vessel Prince of Wales/Stikine.

Per US Coast Guard requirement, we wish to inform you that life preservers are located under marked seat benches in the aft lounge, solarium and the left side reading room. To access these, lift up on the seat cushions. In the forward lounge, life preservers are located under the forward windows in marked locations.

To put on the life preserver, unwrap the black strap, put the life preserver over your head, wrap the black strap around your back then place the snap into the ring. Pull the tail of the black strap until the life preserver is snug.

All passengers will be required to put on a life preserver at the Captain’s request.

The following sound is the General Alarm….If you hear this sound, the Captain will follow with instructions.

In the event of an emergency, please go to a Muster Station either in the forward lounge or to the aft lounge. We have four emergency exits on the passenger deck; one center aft, one off the forward lounge on the left side and one on either side of the center of the ship.

There are two throwing life rings on the hand rails at the back of the ship in case of a person overboard. Please inform crew immediately and keep an eye on the person in the water.

No passengers are allowed on the car deck while vessel is underway. Smoking is only allowed on the sides of the ship and away from any doorways, and no drug or alcohol use is allowed onboard.

Seating in the dining area is for dining purposes and all food is to be confined to that area. Any questions or concerns please ask any of our crew, and thanks for riding along!