Craig, Alaska

Craig was founded in the late 1800s and incorporated in 1922. The population varies winter to summer, and in winter approximately numbers 1,100 people. A fish saltery was built on Fish Egg Island in 1907 by Craig Millar, who the town adopted their name from.

Located on the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island, Craig is 32 miles from Hollis, the port for the IFA ferry. Following the salmon industry was timber in the 1950s, with a sawmill built in nearby Klawock in the early 1970s. The mill still operates as Viking Lumber and provides year round employment. Craig continues to grow and offers many stores, recreation and services. There is a community swimming pool, library, harbors, boat launches and RV parks. Contact the Craig Ranger District at 907-828-3271 for more information on the 4 mile round-trip Sunnahae Trail. To learn more about Craig, Alaska go to